About Us

Pygmy Survival Alliance is a non-profit organization founded in Seattle, Washington dedicated to the survival of the pygmies in Rwanda. Currently, we are primarily working with the Pygmies of Bwiza village - located outside of Kigali, the capitol of Rwanda.

Services We Offer

We are in service to the pygmy leaders. They identify their needs and we provide them with resources to help them meet those needs. These resources can take many forms: leadership, information, technology, physical infrastructure, medical care, and anything else that can help them achieve a better future for themselves. We do not push an agenda or ideology on any culture. We respect beliefs and support positive change. All of our interventions are "evidence-based"; this means that they have a proven track record for success, and can help us maximize the potential of our involvement.

Our Values

  • Our volunteers come to this work out of the deep appreciation and respect for other cultures.
  • We only work in regions where we have been invited by the community leaders.
  • Our volunteers recognize and rely upon the expertise of in-country leaders to identify their own healthcare and training needs.
  • A team leader from the host country or culture helps steer each project.
  • We are committed to sustainable, outcome-based improvement in public health and development.
  • We follow evidence-based practices.
  • We view health, poverty and devolvement as closely interrelated concepts.

Our main source of funding is through generous donations from friends and allies. Please consider helping us out today.