Pygmy Survival Alliance is a nonprofit organization that connects pygmy villages in Rwanda with information, leadership, survival and health resources to enable them to transform their health and welfare.

The pygmies of Rwanda - also known as the Community of Potters - is a minority population on the verge of extinction. In contrast to the recent improvement in the health and lives of the majority of Rwandans, that of the pygmies continues to decline: they lack even the most basic access to health services and proper nutrition. In 1998 they were driven from their traditional way of life in the forests of Rwanda by the creation of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, and their struggle continues to be unrecognized or ignored by the Rwandan government.

The Pygmy Survival Alliance addresses these problems through the use of strategic health interventions, education, vitamin and dietary supplementation, and the improvement of local agriculture in order to provide the pygmies with a sustainable foundation upon which to grow and thrive. We are currently targeting the village of Bwiza outside of the Rwandan capitol of Kigali as our pilot village, and plan to bring the lessons of Bwiza to other pygmy villages throughout the country. With your help, we can save this unique people.

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